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Publikasi Tahun 2012



Ordering Tramadol Online Daftar Publikasi Jurnal Internasional Para Dosen Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam Universitas Lampung yang terindeks Scopus.

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No Judul Nama Penulis Tahun Jurnal
1. In vitro activity and comparative studies of some organotin(IV) benzoate derivatives against leukemia cancer cell, L-1210 Hadi, S., Rilyanti, M., Suharso 2012 Indonesian Journal of Chemistry
2. Chemical stability and adsorption selectivity on Cd2+ ionic imprinted Nannochloropsis sp material with silica matrix from tetraethyl orthosilicate Buhani, Suharso, Aprilia, L. 2012 Indonesian Journal of Chemistry
3. Production of ionic imprinted polymer from nannochloropsis sp biomass and its adsorption characteristics toward Cu(II) ion in solutions Buhani, Suharso, Sumadi 2012 Asian Journal of Chemistry
4. The chemical modification of α-amylase from locale bacteria of Bacillus subtilis ITBCCB148 using citraconic anhydride Yandri, Sundari, E.S., Suhartati, T., Hadi, S. 2012 Oriental Journal of Chemistry
5. Immobilization of α-amylase from locale bacteria isolate Bacillus subtilis ITBCCB148 with carboxymethyl cellulose (CM-Cellulose) Yandri, Susanti, D., Suhartati, T., Hadi, S. 2012 Modern Applied Science
6. Lactic acid production from fresh cassava roots using Single-stage membrane bioreactor Yuwono, S.D., Hadi, S., Fitriani, Kokugan, T. 2012 Modern Applied Science
7. Effect of pyrolysis temperatures on composition and electrical conductivity of carbosil prepared from rice husk Simanjuntak, W., Sembiring, S., Sebayang, K. 2012 Indonesian Journal of Chemistry