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Dr. Eng. Heri Satria, S.Si. M.Si
Pangkat Golongan / III D
Jabatan FungsionalLektor
Tugas Tambahan
Jenis KelaminLaki-laki
Profil SingkatI interest in Biochemistry since studied Chemistry in Math and Natural Science Faculty in 1990. My depth experience was developed when I spent time for ten years in PT. Birulaut Khatulistiwa, an aquaculture company located in South Lampung, as a Laboratory and Quality Control Manager. My education continued into Master degree in Biotechnology (IPB) and Doctoral degree (Kanazawa University), that background was stated me as an active researcher whom concern in bioconversion of lignocellulose using Ionic Liquid and Indigenous microorganisms into useful bioproduct. I would like to do my research in collaboration with some expert regionally and also internationally.
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